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Master the Essentials of a Personalised Engagement Ring

Your Beginners Guide to Support You Every Step of the Way

Complete Beginners Video Guide and Personalised Masterclass

Become an expert in just a few minutes.

Discover the fascinating history of engagement rings, learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them in this short introduction for beginners.

STEP 1: Watch The 6-Minute Beginners Guide Now


STEP 2: Join The Masterclass

In This Masterclass We'll Cover:

The 4-Steps to a Profound Proposal Memory:



Getting personal is the first step in choosing the perfect ring. Both men and women can struggle to choose a ring and need some support outside of their network. This class is for you.



Great experiences don't happen by accident. Average proposers choose a ring before planning their proposal. Instead, let's look to reverse-engineer a meaningful ring and powerful memory.



How confident are you investing in jewellery? We'll give you the base foundation of knowledge you need to understand your investment and increase your clarity and confidence.



How will your partner describe your engagement ring 20 years from now? Using a step-by-step framework for how to plan ahead is critical for making unbelievable memories!

Join The Masterclass

Over 2,000 proposers have mastered the perfect ring in this

Complimentary 90-minute Masterclass 


Join them and choose with confidence, purpose, and control. You are just one masterclass and 4 steps away from a meaningful, authentic engagement ring everyone will talk about.

''I cannot tell you how many nods of approval I have received from women! Brownie points, kudos, call it what you will, engaging in this shows a level of thoughtfulness that goes way beyond handing cash to a jeweller''

- Mike Lyford - 

Profound Engagement Ring Masterclass

Join live via Zoom as a secret proposer or together as a couple to begin mapping out your model for a profound engagement ring and proposal memory

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