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The Perfect Ring

Changes Everything

One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings


Turn your love story into a one-of-a-kind engagement ring your partner will love. 

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night...

​The LMK Surprise Engagement Ring Design Experience: 

Create a legendary engagement ring your partner will love. You don't have to be a designer - let’s simplify that journey.

The LMK Couples Engagement Ring Design Experience: 

Surprise your partner with a collaborative, memorable 'Design Your Own Ring' Champagne Experience for Two.


We’ve created thousands of happy fiancées within our unique LMK Engagement Ring Design Experiences

Only you know what deeply connects you with your partner - this is the core philosophy behind an LMK Engagement Ring Design Experience. It’s also what sets it apart from other ring buying options which focus on the practical, not on what inspires a powerful memory.


You’ve probably heard ‘‘Take note of the jewellery she likes,’’ or ‘‘Allow three month’s salary’’. But Lydia’s method is different. Using The LMK Formula™, your shared connection is the standard for choosing the perfect engagement ring.


To determine this, the key is to uncover your Partnership Purpose, creating a ring that speaks to that purpose, in a style your partner will love. Ask yourself: ''What is one quality that we each have, which the other does not? Where these two qualities meet is what you are meant to achieve together in life as a couple.


''I knew I wanted something as special as she is, and I just couldn't find it...''


What Is The LMK Formula™?

The LMK Formula™ is a simple but effective engagement ring design method which turns your proposal into the most meaningful memory of your lives. It uses a unique selection criterion - your Partnership Purpose! 


You are not choosing a ring solely based on metal type and diamond size, but by uncovering what makes you a team, then crafting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to symbolise this as an uplifting daily reminder of your shared purpose.


''It's Us Against The World!''



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''More than just a ring designer. This is a bespoke proposal coach!''

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