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Unique Engagement Rings

Crafted from Your Shared


Turn your love story into a one-of-a-kind engagement ring your partner will love. 

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night...

Turn your shared story into a unique engagement ring. 


The LMK Surprise Engagement Ring Design Experience: 


By blending personal memories with exquisite design, surprise your partner with a ring that tells your Love Story.

The LMK Couples Engagement Ring Design Experience: 


Surprise your partner with a collaborative, memorable 'Design Your Own Ring' Champagne Experience for Two.


See your Love Story come to Life

Discover how to combine your memories, dreams, and shared values into a personalised engagement ring.

(Watch Time 2.54 mins)

Discover the four steps to the perfect engagement ring plus short quiz - because personalisation matters!


A Ring for Every Love Story

From lawyers to CEOs to musicians to tech geniuses. From seventh-generation winemakers to everyday couples building new lives together. Your engagement ring tells Your Love Story to future generations.

What is an LMK Engagement Ring Design Experience?

A simple but effective engagement ring design method which creates the most meaningful memory of your lives. It uses a unique selection criterion - your shared Love Story. You’ve probably heard ‘‘Take note of the jewellery she likes,’’ or ‘‘Allow three month’s salary’’. But Lydia's method is different. Using The LMK Formula™, your shared connection is the standard. You are not choosing a ring solely based on metal colour, style, or diamond size, but by uncovering what makes you a team, then crafting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to symbolise your journey. Tell Your Story, in a style your partner will love. Want to learn more about how to tell Your Story? BOOK A 5 MINUTE QUICK CHAT WITH LYDIA


Real Life Love Stories

These Love Stories were captured during the exclusive

LMK Couples Engagement Ring Design Experiences 

If you would like to learn more about the LMK Surprise & Couples Engagement Ring Design Experiences, book a 5 minute quick chat with Lydia.


Suitable for both would-be proposers and couples choosing together.

What Happens During the Call?


  1. Share a bit about you/your partner's personality and her/your ring preferences.

  2. Discuss the two main types of engagement ring and which one might be best.

  3. If it feels right on both sides, we'll suggest scheduling a longer Zoom at a mutually convenient time.

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